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About Us


Donald and Julie moved to Pinnock Wood Farm in 1988 with 2 small children 20 sheep and 6 Cattle.

Over the years several changed have taken place. The sheep flock was increased to 400 Breeding Ewes, then with a change to farming policy the flock was dispersed and the cattle numbers increased to where we are now with 60 Breeding Cows and no children as they have since fled the nest.

We keep a breed of cattle called Salers (which originate from the Massif Central in France. They are a hardy type of cow which suit are farm as we are 900ft above sea level.

We operate a closed herd policy to help reduce disease risks in the herd.

Aberdeen Angus and Salers bulls are used and all the calves are reared on the cows and sold at 12 months of age to finishing farms who supply beef to top retail outlets (Waitrose)

We look forward to welcoming you to stay at our farm and will do our utmost to make your stay a memorable one.